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Katherine Sorensen

UCD: Katherine Sorensen


Katherine S. Sorensen

  Katherine S. Sorensen

Graduate Student
M.A., Psychological Research
Curriculum Vitæ...

102R Young Hall


Using both social psychological experiments and surveys, I study topics under the broad fields of social identity and social emotions. Working with Cynthia Pickett, PhD in the Self and Social Identity Lab, I investigate the emotional correlates of social identity - how does one feel when belonging and distinctiveness needs are met or are not met? How do these emotions then motivate behavior? I have found that this depends on which identity is made salient. Additionally, I investigate social emotions in the Personality, Self, and Emotion Lab with Richard Robins, PhD. Specifically I investigate contempt at the level of personality - who is the contemptuous person? How does this person operate in the context of social groups? My collaborators and I have developed a scale to measure dispositional contempt, which we have used to shed light on these questions. I also investigate pride at the level of culture - what are the cultural factors influencing differences in endorsement of pride? We are exploring these differences using quantitative and survey methods. At the core of my research is the person experiencing the social emotions: how the person experiences, is affected by, and affects others as a consequence of social emotions.