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Shannon Callahan

UCD: Shannon Callahan

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Shannon Callahan

  Shannon Callahan

Graduate Student
M.S., Experimental Psychology
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I am a 5th-year doctoral candidate in the Attitudes & Group Identity Lab with Dr. Alison Ledgerwood. 

I am broadly interested in studying motivation and group identity. Generally, my research tends to focus on how the identities, attitudes, and goals of different groups contribute to intergroup relations and group perception. I also study how basic motives (such as the need to belong) influence the expression of group identity. 

More specifically, much of my research these days is on group identity symbols, such as property, monuments, flags, and logos. I'm interested in the mechanisms and motivations regarding why group symbols are important to us, what effects symbols may have on different social cognitive processes, and the implications of symbols for intergroup and intragroup interactions. 

In addition, I am part of a group that is currently working on a meta-analysis that examines the effects of psychological distance on level of construal. We are specifically interested in studies that include both a manipulation of psychological distance (temporal, spatial, social, or hypothetical) and a measure that assesses perceptual or conceptual abstraction or a downstream consequence of abstraction.  If you have any unpublished work that might be of interest, we would greatly appreciate your writing to us  at with a brief description and/or sending a copy of the research!