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This is my new (as of August 2008) professional web page. Here you will mainly find a list of my publications and a means of accessing many of them via email. They include several of my early papers and book chapters on social-psychological research topics, my writings over many years on obedience to authority, and portions of my book on political psychology. More recently -- that is, in the past 30 years or so -- they include my various published papers and chapters (plus some unpublished ones) on psychobiography -- psychological analyses of famous or semi-famous figures in psychology, politics, creative writing, and music.

I am only now beginning to make some of this material available online, so you may have to wait for it or actually go to a university library and look it up. Some of it is already available on my personal website, -- which also includes, if you are interested, some of my poetry and recipes. Sorry, no recipes or poems here.

                                                                                                                            -- Alan C. Elms