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How to clear an incomplete.

If you have received an "I" instead of a grade for your PSC 1 or 41 course, this may mean that you did not finish your research requirement.  Below is information regarding how to clear an incomplete. Please read them carefully, and if you have additional questions, you can email the subject pool coordinator (

What happens if I do not complete the research requirement (PSC 1 and PSC 41)?

If you do not complete the research requirement by the last day of instruction, you will receive an incomplete (I) in the class.  You have 3 enrolled quarters (not including summer sessions) to clear your incomplete.

What is the procedure for making up the requirement?

You must wait until the next quarter begins to participate in studies. Then you need to follow these steps:

1. Log in to the system to activate your account (your username & password will be the same). Note that if you never logged in when you first took the course, you may need to email the subject pool coordinator and ask to be added to the system (specify that you are clearing an Incomplete).
2. Choose the "Incomplete" class when the system asks for your course selection. Do NOT select the course  that you received an Incomplete in: PSC 1 or 41 may be available to select but you want the course specifically labeled “Incomplete.”

3. Finish the required credits with research studies or papers and assign them to the “Incomplete” course. You do not have to re-do credits you already earned; just earn the credits you are missing.

4. Email the SP Coordinator, Sue Hobbs at, that you have completed the requirement. This is IMPORTANT. If you do not do this, your "I" will not be changed to your letter grade. 

5. The SP Coordinator will determine whether you completed the requirement, and if so, she will put through the paperwork to have your I changed to your letter grade. This can take a few weeks.     

I've completed part of the requirement, do I have to start over? 

No. You do not need to complete the whole requirement again, just the number of units that you are missing.  For example, if the requirement is 6 units, and you have completed 3, you just need to complete an additional 3 to fulfill the requirement.

But I don't see the credits I earned before! It says I have 0 credits but I had 4. What happened?  
Your credits have moved from the credit status column to the comments column on your "My Schedule/Credits" page. Read the page this way: the study is listed in the study column, the date credits were applied is listed in the credit status column, and the number of credits and the course you applied them to are listed in the comments column.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to see your previous credits, email the SP Coordinator ( and she will help you.     

How long do I have to fulfill the requirement before my I turns to an F?

As per university policy, you must fulfill the requirement within three registered quarters (not including summer sessions) at UCD. Failure to do this will result in an F (or NP or U) in the class.

But it’s summer-what if I am not currently enrolled in courses? Can I still clear my “I”?

You do not need to be enrolled in courses or even located in Davis to complete your requirement, as may be the case during the summer sessions. You may still take part in studies or submit papers even if you are not currently taking any courses. If you are not able to attend lab studies, there are typically online studies available.

But I cannot get an incomplete! It will affect my scholarship/enrollment status/etc. Isn’t there anything you can do?

Unfortunately, the deadline to meet the requirement needs to be very strict. Moreover, it is not fair to the many students who did meet their requirement on time. Typically, there are well over 1000 students each quarter who need to complete a research requirement for PSC 1 or 41. If we granted extensions to some students, we would need to do the same for all of them and this is impossible.

Instead, you may choose to start the process of resolving your incomplete early—you can write research summaries over the break and submit them on the first day of the next quarter. Please note that they will not be graded until the start of the next quarter. You can also begin to take part in studies on the very first day of data collection (the first day of instruction).

Remember, the process of changing a grade from an “I” to a letter grade can take several weeks to be fully processed, but you can at least do your part to resolve your I at the very beginning of the next quarter if you so wish. It is highly recommended that you resolve your incomplete sooner rather than later, as after 3 quarters it will change to an "F.