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UC Davis-Howard University Self and Social Identity Lab Summer Internship

The goal of the UC Davis – Howard University Self and Social Identity (SASI) Lab summer internship program is to bring two undergraduate psychology students at Howard University (an HBCU) to the Psychology Department at UC Davis where they will spend an intensive six-week period engaged in psychological research. During the six-week internship, the interns will work directly on on-going research projects in the SASI lab and will obtain hands-on experience with all aspects of the research process – from study design to data analysis. As part of their internship, the summer interns will be required to take a weekly research seminar. The seminar will provide the interns with a conceptual understanding of the research being conducted in the lab and a forum in which the interns can engage in intellectual discussions of the research being conducted. A series of training workshops will also be scheduled. These workshops will teach the interns specific skills needed to conduct psychological research (e.g., using survey administration and data analysis software). Finally, additional mentoring, professional development workshops, and networking opportunities will be available to the summer interns through the UC Davis McNair Scholars Program.

The summer internship program is funded by the University of California's
Office of the President to help Howard University undergraduates prepare for admission to graduate programs. Through the UC-HBCU Initiative, the Office of the President encourages collaboration and cooperation between UC faculty and faculty and students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Such efforts will serve to strengthen and enrich the University of California's mission of teaching, research and public service.The PI has partnered with Dr. Jamie Barden, an associate professor of psychology, at Howard University for the internship program. A series of post-internship activities are planned to help foster an on-going relationship between UC Davis and Howard University and a pipeline of graduate applicants from Howard University to the University of California.

Details regarding the internship program including application instructions can be found here.

Application materials for the internship program are due on November 18, 2011.