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UCD: Scheib

Joanna Scheib

Joanna ScheibThe goal of our research program is to understand the experience and well-being of families created through donor insemination. Currently we are investigating (i) the role of family relationships, openness, and functioning in the well-being of donor-conceived adolescents and adults, (ii) the experience of being raised in a non-traditional family, (iii) the effect of open-identity donation on recipient and donor families, and (iv) the outcome of releasing donor identities to donor-conceived adults. I am also interested in identifying predictors of conception and measuring insemination outcomes. I am involved with policy development for open-identity donation both locally and internationally. I conduct research in collaboration with The Sperm Bank of California in Berkeley - the first organization in the USA to offer open-identity donation.

The current research builds on earlier work in the areas of Psychobiology and Evolutionary Psychology, specifically on female mate choice and reproductive relationships.

Link to research at  The Sperm Bank of California.