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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need permission to use the ECR?  How much dose it cost?
2.  What is the test-retest reliability of adult attachment measures?
1.  The ECR can be used free of charge and does not require permission when used for research purposes. This is clearly stated in the 1998 chapter by Brennan, Clark, and Shaver that introduced the scale (publication list).
2.  Fraley and Brumbaugh (2004) found that most studies on the stability of adult attachment measures indicate moderate stability, with typical stability coefficients for continuous measures ranging from .50 to .60, over spans ranging from two weeks to over two decades (p. 117). [A Dynamical Systems Approach to Conceptualizing and Studying Stability and Change in Attachment Security. In W. S. Rholes & J. A. Simpson (Eds.), Adult attachment: Theory, research, and clinical implications (pp. 86-132). New York: Guilford Press.] In our own studies, the coefficients are typically a little higher than this, often ranging into the .80s. There is also an interesting article on this subject by Scharfe and Bartholomew [Scharfe, E. & Bartholomew, K. (1995). Accommodation and attachment representations in young couples. Journal of Social & Personal Relationships, 12, 389-401].