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How does your baby interact with yourself and others?     


The Department of Psychology at UC Davis is currently looking for infants and their mothers to participate in a study of young children’s social interactions.  Although babies needs to be 12-months-old at the time you first come to our lab, if you are the parent of a younger infant, please feel free to contact us now, and we would be happy to schedule your appointment in advance.  We will be recruiting families to participate in the study through Summer 2011.


This study involves: Two 1 hour-long lab visit when infants are 12-months-old and a 1.5 hour lab visit when infants are 18-months-old.  The first lab visits includes several shared parent-child interactions and shared interactions between you, your child, and a member of our research staff. The third lab visit includes an interaction between your child and a member of our research staff as well as several interactions between you and your child. In addition, a set of brief questionnaires will be completed, at your convenience, prior to each lab visit.


Benefits of this study include: $30 for completing each of the 12-month-old lab visits ($60 total), and $45 for completing the 18-month-old lab visit. Additionally, your child will receive a toy at both 12 and 18 months, and you and your child will have fun, new experiences. Plus, you’ll be making a valuable contribution to the knowledge of child development!


Questions or to sign up:

Please call Miranda Goodman, MA or Emily Newton, MA at (530) 747-3831 or by e-mail at