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Posters and presentations given at SRCD, 2013:

A Person-Centered Approach to Emerging Prosocial Dispositions in Early Childhood

Children's Perceptions of Emotion Regulation Strategy Effectiveness: Emotional Context, Age, and Gender Differences

Examining Prosocial Dispositions in 18-month-olds: Taking a Person-Centered Approach

How do Demographic and Emotional Risk Factors Affect Children's Early Social-Emotional Competence Over Time?

Infant Social Referencing in a Free Response Paradigm: The Influence of Infant and Maternal Affect

Mechanisms of Socio-Cultural Differences in Young Children's Emotional Competence: The Influence of Mother-Child Relationships

Pathways from Maternal Depressive Symptomatology to Children's Emotional Development: The Case of Emotional Understanding and Emotion Expression

Posters and presentations given at SRCD, 2011:

Associations Among Parent-Child Relationship, Child Emotion, and Child Friendship During Middle Childhood

Early Moral Agency, Emotion Understanding, and Mother-Child Discourse

Emotion Regulation Problem Solving in Four-year-olds

Origins of Individual Differences in Prosocial Dispositions: Preschoolers

Using Maternal Mental State Language to Predict Toddlers' Outcomes: The Different Influences of Talking About Desires and Thoughts

Presentations given at WPA, 2010:

The Emotionate Child

Posters presented at the Conference on Human Development, 2010:

Individual Differences in Toddlers' Prosocial Behavior

What Do Children Know About Emotion Regulation?

Presentations given at SRCD, 2009:

Avoiding Conversations About Negative Emotions: The Role of Attachment, Parent Validation, and Child Characteristics

Maternal Perceptions of Children's Emotions: Individual Differences and their Correlates

The Socialization of Young Children's Emotion Regulation Strategies: Parental Emotion Representations and Behaviors 

Presentations given at SRCD, 2007:

Content and Relational Conversations about Children's Characteristics

Parental Emotion Representations and Children's Emotion Regulation

The Development of Future-oriented Knowledge

Loneliness in Young Children

Russia's Orphans: Relationships with Peers and Family Members



Social cognition and attachment as predictors of change in preschoolers' negative interactions with playmates.

Maternal mind-mindedness and children's self-concept development: Links to mother-child conversations about children's characteristics.

Future-oriented discourse and attachment security.

Attachment, child self-concept, and mothers' reports of children's personality characteristics during the preschool years.

Self concept in preschool children: Relationship quality and concordance between maternal and children perceptions.

Interactive influences of maternal and child characterstics on mother-child conversations.