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Please read on for more information about our software offerings then simply click the links below to download a free copy!


DPSDSSE is an excel spreadsheet that can be used to fit 6-point ROCs to the dual process signal detection model in order to derive estimates of recollection and familiarity.


PDPSolve is an excel spreadsheet that can be used to incorporate false alarm rates into the process dissociation procedure to estimate recollection and familiarity given inclusion and exclusion performance for old and new items.

Perception Recognition Model

Simulations to accompany, A Neurocomputational Account Of Memory and Perception: Thresholded And Graded Signals In The Hippocampus (Elfman, Aly & Yonelinas, 2014). This zip file contains two projects (.proj) to run on version 6 of Emergent. The file named hippo_percep_mem.proj contains the model of the hippocampus that we used with the same parameters and both memory and perception tasks. The file named comparator_demo.proj is a simple model that demonstrates how CA1 units, when constrained by competitive inhibition, produce different levels of activation for identical versus different item pairs in the perception task.