Junior Specialist - Bliss-Moreau Lab

Department of Psychology, Bliss-Moreau Laboratory, Junior Specialist

The Bliss-Moreau Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Davis invites applications for a pool of qualified Junior Specialist in Psychology.

Position Description:
This position will be involved in data collection and data management including physiological and behavioral data collection from infant and adult monkeys. The Junior Specialist will be responsible for preparing and cleaning equipment and testing spaces for experiments, lifting and moving nonhuman primates and preparation and analysis of primate tissues, train animals to participate in testing, prepare solutions, medias, and buffers, and maintain laboratory and animal records.

The Bliss-Moreau Laboratory conducts translational and comparative affective science using multi-method, multi-species approaches to understand the biological underpinnings of the social and affective lives of humans and nonhuman animals. For more information about the research conducted by the lab, see http://elizablissmoreau.com/.

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