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    Caselli, Carmina, CAO      Carmina Caselli's website
    Function:   Department Manager (CMB, Philosophy, Psychology, STS, & CSIS)

    139 Young Hall
    Hermes, Christine, Academic Personnel      Christine Hermes's website
    Function:   Academic & Staff Personnel Coordinator - Faculty merit and promotion packages, recruitment files for prospective faculty members, arranges travel, interview schedules, dinner reservations. Responsbile for faculty employment and payroll issues.

    107 Young Hall
    May, Jordyn, Student Assistant     
    Function:   Front Desk

    Young Hall
    Reed, Courtney, Administrative Assistant     
    Function:   Business Office Assistant

    530 754 7580
    135 Young Hall
    Reis, Noelle, Administrative Assistant     
    Function:   CMB (SISS, Faculty Candidate visits, Speaker Series, and Graduate Recruitment Event)

    122 Center for Mind and Brain
    Sanchez, Mary, Administrative Assistant      Mary Sanchez's website
    Function:   All purchasing needs including furniture and business supplies; coordinates all reimbursements, travel and entertainment; all petty cash reimbursements and payments.

    135 Young Hall
    Schuler, Patricia, Grant & Budget Analyst     
    Function:   CMB( Back-up to Doug San)

    123 Center for Mind and Brain
    Tang, Teresa , Student Assistant     
    Function:   Front Desk

    530 752 1880
    135 Young Hall