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  • Mary Sanchez

    Mary Sanchez

        Administrative Assistant
        135 Young Hall

    Mary is responsible for all purchasing, travel and entertainment reimbursements, accounts payable, CAMS, and manages the purchasing card. Her hours are 8-5 Monday, 7-1 Tuesday through Friday.


    UCDBuy - http://ucdbuy.ucdavis.edu/ucdbuy.cfm

    Travel Expense Voucher - http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/Forms/AP_TravelExp2006.xls

    Entertainment Expense Voucher - http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/Forms/AP_EnterExp.doc

    Lost Receipt Form - http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/Forms/AP_LostReceipt.doc

    Non-Employee Travel Information - All guest speakers, recruitment or non-employee travelers must fill out a form (see link below) in order for them to be reimbursed. With the new Mytravel system it is not necessary for them to fill out a Travel Expense Voucher. I only need the information listed on the attached form. Please make sure all guest speakers, recruitment candidates and other non-employee travelers fill out this form. .http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/department/Forms/admin/Non-Employee.xls