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  • Carol Harris

    Carol Harris

        Undergraduate Program Coordinator
        141 Young Hall

    Carol is responsible for academic advising and undergraduate publications. She coordinates curricular change process, grades and grade changes, providing data and information to faculty on curriculum committee. Marsha provides information to faculty and graduate students about UC Davis and departmental policies. She schedule rooms for instructional purposes review sessions, brown bags, and meetings. She maintains 6 list servs and updates undergraduate information on the Web.

    Some helpful Web site are:

    Summer Courses: http://summer-sessions.ucdavis.edu/

    Learning Skills Center: http://www.lsc.ucdavis.edu/

    The Internship and Career Center: http://icc.ucdavis.edu/

    Other information regarding Psychology graduate programs: http://www.gradschools.com/psychologysearch.html