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    Psychology Advising offices are located in:
    141 Young Hall
    9:00am to noon and 1:00pm to 4:00pm Monday-Friday


    Effective Spring 2015
    PSC 101 name change to Introduction to Biological Psychology

    Effective Fall 2014
    PSC 159- Gender and Human Reproduction--now a Core B course
    PSC 158- Sexual Orientation and Prejudice--now a Core C course

    Effective Spring 2014
    PSC 103B - Statistical Analysis of Psychological Data:  Changed from 4 to 5 units with an addition of a 2-hour weekly lab session.

    PSC 137- New Core B course titled Neurobiology of Learning

    ANT 1Y = ANT 01

    Effective Fall 2013
    PSC 100Y - New Core A course which is idential to current PSC 100 except instructional delivery will be a hybrid of in-class activities and online modules.

    PSC 125 (3 units) - New Group B course titled Behavioral Genetics and Epigenetics

    Effective Fall 2012
    BIS 2C added to preparatory course requirements for BS with an emphasis in Biology
    SOC/Cultural ANT preparatory course
    no longer required for students entering fall 2012 or after.

    Effective Fall 2009
    Psc 136 - Psychology of Music is a Group A course
    Psc 143 - Infant Development, Psc 146 - Memory Development, Psc 148 - Development Disorders are Core D courses

    Effective Fall 2007
    Psychology 161 - Psychology of Self is a new course

    Effective Fall 2006
    New courses: Psc 148  Developmental Disorders, Psc 152  Social Cognition, Psychology 136 - Psychology of Music

    Effective Fall 2005
    The English Composition requirement can be met in one of two ways:

    1. by passing the English Composition Examination upon completion of 70 units of degree credit (the examination does not yield credit);


    2. by completing with a grade of C (or P) or better

    ·         One course from English 3, Comparative Literature 1, 2, 3, 4, Native American Studies 5, or University Writing Program 1, 18, 19; and

    ·         One course from University Writing Program 101, 102A, 102B, 102C, 102D, 102E, 102F, 102G, 104A, 104B, 104C, 104D, 104E, or 104F (which must be taken after 84 units have been completed).

    Effective Fall 2003

    Master's of Science in Forensic Science is being offered by UC Extension. Read more.

    Psychology 41 - This course consists of 3 units of lecture and 1 unit of online (Web-based) laboratory.

    Effective Fall 2002 Catalog Change for all Psychology Majors and Minors

    The Psychology department has restructured the upper division course work for each of the degrees offered; 

    ·         bachelor of arts, 

    ·         bachelor of science with a biology emphasis, and 

    ·         bachelor of science with a math emphasis. 

    We have included the developmental area, a new area of study, as part of our upper division core group course work.

    Core Groups

    There are now four core groups of upper division Psychology course work: 

    ·         Group A - Perception-Cognition, 

    ·         Group B - Psychobiology, 

    ·         Group C - Social - Personality, and 

    ·         Group D - Developmental. 

    Three courses have been designated to make up the core Group D as follows; 

    ·         Psychology 140 - Developmental Psychology or Human Development HDE 100A or HDE 100B is a prerequisite for Group D. 

    ·         Also included in Group D are Psychology 141 - Cognitive Development or HDE 101 and Psychology 142 - Social and Personality Development or HDE 102. 

    ·         Psychology 146 - Development of Memory is no longer a Group A course and has become an elective developmental course.


    New Structure

    New Structure of Upper Division Course work for Psychology Majors:

    ·         Bachelor of Arts: 40 upper division units are required. 40 upper division Psychology units; including 6 core group courses, 2 from two of the four areas and 1 from each of the remaining two core groups. A balance of 40 units can be taken from other core or elective upper division Psychology courses, excluding Psychology 197T.

    ·         Bachelor of Science, Biology: 49 upper division units are required. 40 upper division Psychology units, including 7 core group courses from the following; 2 from Group A, 3 from Group B, 1 from Group C, and 1 from Group D. A balance of 40 units can be taken from other core or elective upper division Psychology courses, excluding Psychology 197 T. An additional nine units are required; Biological Science 101 and NPB 101.

    ·         Bachelor of Science, Math: 48 upper division units are required. 40 upper division Psychology units, including 5 core group courses from the following, including 2 from Group A, 2 from Group B, 1 from either Group C or Group D and completion of Psychology 103 A, and 103 B or 104. A balance of 40 units can be taken from other core or elective upper division Psychology courses, excluding Psychology 197T. An additional eight units are required; one course sequence from Statistics 106 -108 or 130 A -130 B or 131 A -131 B

    ·         Psychology Minor Course Requirements: Psychology 1 and completion of 20 upper division Psychology units, including at least one from each of the areas plus 4 units of PSC electives, which are defined as ANY upper division PSC course. 199 units may also be included as part of the 20-unit requirement. You must have a grade point average of 2.0 in all courses required for the minor. Continuing students will have the opportunity to choose the requirements of their catalog year of entrance or meet the new upper division requirements for their major. The lower division course work for each of the majors has remained the same. For a complete list of course work see major sheets outside of 141 Young Hall.



    Effective Winter 2002

    Sociology or Cultural Anthropology to declare Psychology as a major:

    These courses have been approved as substitutions:

    ·         AAS (African American Studies) 10, 12, 100, 141

    ·         ASA (Asian American Studies) 1, 2, 100, 111

    ·         ABS (Applied Behavioral Sciences) 1, 2, 154, 176 or CRD (Community & Regional Development) 1,2,154, 176

    ·         IST (Integrated Studies) 2A, 3E, 8C (sociology topics)

    ·         NAS (Native American Studies) 1, 10, 115,

    ·         Chicano Studies 10, 50, 100, 110, 120

    ·         Cultural Anthropology upper division 121 - 149B

    ·         Exercise Biology 121

    ·         WMS (Women's Studies) 50

    Substitution for Physics 7A, 7B is Physics 9B, 9A

    Psychology 185 - History of Psychology is considered a "capstone" course that is recommended for students wishing to continue their training in psychology.