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    When can I declare a psychology major?

    You can declare a psychology major after completing Psychology 1, Psychology 41, Statistics 13,  and Biological Science 2A  (required for the BS with Biology emphasis)  or (option is only for the AB or BS with a Math emphasis) Biological Science 10 or BIS 10V plus one course from ANT 1, or MCB10, or NPB 10.  You must have a 2.5 GPA and be in good academic standing.  All of the courses above must be taken for a grade.  After these courses have been completed, you can stop by the advising center in 141 Young to change your major.  Please complete the form before coming in; you can find it on the Registrar's website or outside our advising office in the forms rack.

    How do I change my major from Psychology to another one?

    It's all done online now!  Go to OASIS (Online Advising Student Information System) and click on Forms and Petitions.  Click on Submit a New Form and you will see Change of Major.  

    Can I take upper division psychology courses even though it is my first year here?

    During your first year here, it is wise to complete your general education requirements and the lower division courses for your Psychology major. Lower division courses are numbered from 1 to 99.  Satisfying Subject A should be your highest priority if you have not yet satisfied this requirement.

    Will grades from my community college count towards my GPA at UCD?

    No. Grade points from other institutions (except summer school work at other University of California campuses) are not combined with your UC Davis GPA. Your GPA from community college remains a separate part of your record.  You will receive units and subject credit only.

    Will the abnormal psychology, developmental psychology or other psychology courses I took at my community college count toward the psychology major?

    No.  All psychology courses taken at a community college are lower division courses. You will receive units for these courses that will count towards graduation.  

    What should I enroll in if I have not changed my major to Psychology and have completed all general education requirements?

    You should be completing courses required to change your major to Psychology.  Depending on your class level, another option is to take courses from other disciplines.  Consider whether you want to double-major or minor.  

    Can I register for upper division Psychology courses if I have not declared a Psychology major?

    Yes.  Although most upper-division Psychology courses are restricted to majors only during PASS 1, during PASS 2 upper division Psychology courses are open to non-majors. It is advisable to complete Psychology 1, Psychology 41 and Statistics 13 before enrolling in upper division Psychology courses.

    I am currently in Psychology 41, but I'm also waitlisted for Psychology 100.  Should I also enroll in Psychology 100?

    If you are currently in Psychology 41 it is not advisable to enroll in Psychology 100.  The instructor does have the option of canceling enrollment for students who have not completed the pre requisites.

    What if I do not meet the GPA to change my major?

    If you are a pre-psychology major and do not meet the 2.5 minimum GPA requirement, you have several options. You can repeat any course in which you received a D+ or lower. You can also take substitute courses for the STA 13 and PSC 41 courses.   Stop by the advising office to inquire about those substitute courses.

    Can I take classes Pass/No pass for a Psychology minor OR major?

    The only restrictions on Pass/No Pass for students in our College are that all GE courses must be taken for a letter grade and that the total number of P/NP units a student can take are limited to 1/3 of the total UCD units; additionally a student can only chose to take ¼ of their UCD units pass/no pass.  The only courses which cannot be taken for a letter grade are the courses required for major declaration.

    Organizations and Clubs:


    I am interested in the UPA (Undergraduate Psychology Association) and I would like to know more about the association.  Can you please send me more information about the UPA?  Will the first meeting talk about the purpose and goals of the association? Also, can I go to the first meeting without becoming a member?

    Check the Web at http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/advising/?link=49 for meeting times and dates.  Yes, you can attend the first meeting without becoming a member.


    PSI CHI is an international honors society founded in 1929 for the purpose of encouraging, stimulating and maintaining excellence in scholarship and advancing the science of psychology. Check the Web at http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/advising/?link=48 for more information.