NEW PSC 12Y - Data Visualization in the Social Sciences

PSC 12Y - Data Visualization in the Social Sciences


Victoria Cross






Spring 2017


New Course: Data Visualization in the Social Sciences 



GE Credit: Quantitative or Visual Literacy

We are piloting a new 4-unit class to introduce students to data management and interpretation. You will learn to organize data, describe data, graph data, and reason visually to see patterns in data.  

This class can be taken before you have taken a statistics course or a research methods course, and will prepare you to tackle those classes.

This is a hybrid course that makes extensive use of both online and live teaching. Each week, you will:
  • Watch video lectures and tutorials, explore data sets, produce data summaries and graphs. This will be done on your own schedule.
  • Attend a live laboratory section
  • Attend a 2-hour live lecture section 

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