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    As many DSS faculty, researchers and grad students will be traveling this summer, I'm writing to let you know that UC Davis has recently adopted a new service called EduRoam which enables easy "guest" wireless access at a growing federation of universities in the US and around the world. 

    This service may benefit those of you who travel to other universities, AND it may benefit your colleagues who visit UC Davis from other universities.

    With EduRoam, you can use your UC Davis credentials to join wireless networks at other participating universities. Conversely, visitors from other participating universities can use their institutional credentials to access the UC Davis wireless network. At UC Davis, the EduRoam network is available anywhere the Moobilenet or MoobilenetX wireless networks are available.

    You can find additional information, including the lists of participating US and international universities, at the EduRoam website:


    Additionally, you can find detailed instructions on configuring your computers, tablets, and smartphones to use EduRoam on the IT Express knowledgebase:


    For assistance setting up EduRoam on your devices, please contact the IT Express help desk at 530-754-HELP (4357).