November 18, 2004
To: All UC Davis Faculty                                                                    
Re: Requirement for Electronic Submission of Final Grades


We write to alert you to an important change in the transmission of grades to the Registars Office. As was announced last Spring, this quarter marks the first term when all instructors must submit final grades electronically to the Registrars Office. In lieu of the traditional scantron bubble forms, which will no longer be provided, two Web-based options are offered.

The first option is a simple tool that enables faculty to enter grades into a scantron-like Web-based form (already populated with students names and ID numbers), or into an Excel spreadsheet (also pre-populated) which can then be uploaded directly to the Registrars Office via the Web site. This option is accessed through and is recommended for anyone new to online grade submission.

The second option is GradeBook, the more comprehensive course management tool available from the MyUCDavis portal. GradeBook provides the ability to submit end-of-term grades directly from the portal, and many faculty also use it to track student assignments and calculate grades throughout the quarter. This option will be particularly convenient to those of you already familiar with GradeBook.

For the past year, the Office of the Registrar has encouraged faculty to submit students' grades electronically. According to recent reports, close to 50% of the 100,000 end-of-term grades that are submitted to the Registrars Office are already turned in this way. If you will be submitting your grades electronically for the first time next month, we recommend a few preparatory steps.

- First, make sure you have a UC Davis LoginID and password. To ensure the privacy of student records, both online tools are secure and will require you to authenticate yourself. Help is available to test your password or create a new one. See, contact your departmental proxy (, or consult one of the IT Help Desk consultants at, 530-754-HELP, or drop by room 182 in Shields Library.

- Secondly, to access and submit grades electronically for your classes, you must be listed as instructor of record for those classes. Check with your department MSO if you have questions about this.

- Like last Spring, the Teaching Resources Center is offering several online grade submission presentations this quarter. If you have not had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the options available, consider attending one of these 20-minute demo sessions (530-752-6050).

- For one-on-one assistance, contact your departmental Technology Support Coordinator (TSC), the IET Mediaworks Educational Technology (ET) Partners Program Coordinator (530-754-2115), or the IT Express Help Desk.

- From 12/13/04 through 12/22/04, TRC will host a week-long Grading Clinic in 25 Wellman. During that time, faculty will have access to computers as well as TRC staff assistance in calculating, entering, and submitting their final grades. IET consultants will also be available to assist with UC Davis LoginIDs and passwords.

Please visit the online grade submission Web site at to submit your grades and for more information about each submission option and resources available.

If you have questions or comments regarding online grade submission, please contact your departmental MSO or the Office of the University Registrar at 530-752-3639.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. We appreciate your cooperation.


Virginia Hinshaw  
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor          

Judy Sakaki
Vice Chancellor - Student Affairs

John Bruno
Vice Provost - Information and Educational Technology