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  • False Alarms Charges Effective December 1, 2006

    Alarm Monitoring customers,

    This is to inform you that on October 26 th the Rate Group approved the updated False Alarms charges associated with the Security Alarm Monitoring Services.  Although the Rate Group approved the rate to be effective October 1, 2006, the UCD Police Department will not be implementing the increase until December 1, 2006. 

    False Alarm charges will be as follows:

    False Alarms (Occurrences)

    Cost per incident

    1 to 2 per month (annual limit of 8)


    3 rd in a month (9 th in 12 months)


    4 th in a month (10 th in 12 months)


    5 th or more in a month (11 th or more in 12 months)


    This rate is comparable to current industry standard and is intended to be a deterrence rate to discourage excessive false alarms.  At the current level of false alarms it takes nearly a full time police officer away from regularly assigned duties to keep the campus safe.  If a department is encountering excessive false alarms charges, the Campus Crime Prevention Unit is here to assist with any on going problems.  If you would like to discuss any specific Alarms Monitoring concerns, please contact Crime Prevention Unit at CrimePrevention@UCDavis.edu or call 752-6589.




    Iben Wilson
    Financial/Budget Analyst
    UC Davis Police Dept
    UC Davis Fire Dept
    One Shields Avenue
    Davis CA 95616
    Phone: (530)752-6861               Fax: (530)752-5386