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    Best Practices for Conflict Management, 2-day Chairs Workshop

    APM 015, The Faculty Code of Conduct
    Discusses the rights and responsibilities of faculty, including standards of conducts and examples unacceptable conduct, Faculty, staff, can file complaints of alleged misconduct.

    APM 140, NonSenate Academics Appointees/Grievances,
    This policy provides the non-Senate academic appointees the opportunity to present
    grievances. The use of this policy shall not be discouraged by the University either
    directly or indirectly

    APM 150, NonSenate Academics Disciplinary Process
    a. This policy provides the standards and procedures for instituting corrective action or dismissal of non-Senate academic appointees. Corrective action or dismissal may be instituted for good cause, including but not limited to misconduct, unsatisfactory work performance, dereliction of duty, or violation of university policy. Corrective action is intended to give the non-Senate academic appointee an opportunity to improve and/or correct conduct or performance.
    b. Non-Senate Academic appointees are expected to maintain a standard of academic responsibility which requires service consistent with the objectives of the University. Non-Senate faculty appointees are also subject to standards set forth in the Faculty Code of Conduct (APM – 015).

    APM 035, Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination in Employment
    Also contains the UC systemwide revised policy on sexual harassment.

    Employee Contracts (depending on bargaining unit) – grievance processes may vary,

    P&P 380-12, Sexual harassment
    This section states the UC Davis policy on sexual harassment. All persons who participate in university programs and activities are covered by this policy and are strongly urged to use these options and resources to seek assistance and resolve complaints. Every effort will be made to maintain the privacy of all parties involved in the process. This section covers both campus and UCDHS programs.

    P&P 380-17, Improper Governmental Activities (Whistleblower)
    This section outlines policy and procedure regarding (1) the reporting of improper governmental activities and (2) protection against interference with, the retaliation for, reporting such activities. This section implements the Reporting of Improper Governmental Activities Act (Sections 8547.1-8547.12 of the California Government Code). See also Section 330-95  (Misuse of University Resources),which requires employees to report certain types of improper activities. Misuse may be reported under either policy. See Also materials published by the UCDHS Compliance Office on reporting improper activities relating to compliance with health care pay or requirements.

    P&P 390-30, Violence, Threats, and Disruption in the Workplace
    This is the campus policy on preventing and responding to acts of workplace violence that involve employees, students, and visitors.