The Wiley Handbook of Genius

Dean Keith Simonton (Ed.)

Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell (in press; scheduled for June publication)



Part I: Perspectives

1. Laura C. Ball - The Genius in History
2. William Todd Schultz - Psychobiographies of Genius
3. Jeanne Nakamura & Jeff Fajans - Interviewing Highly Eminent Creators
4. Gregory J. Feist - Psychometric Studies of Scientific Talent and Eminence
5. Dean Keith Simonton - Historiometric Studies of Genius
Part II: Processes
6. Nancy C. Andreasen & Kanchna Ramchandran - The Neuroscience of Creative Genius
7. Paul Thagard - Artistic Genius and Creative Cognition
8. Robert W. Weisberg - Case Studies of Genius: Ordinary Thinking, Extraordinary Outcomes
9. David Cope - Virtual Genius
Part III: Attributes
10. Robert J. Sternberg & Stacey L. Bridges - Varieties of Genius
11. Shelley Carson - Cognitive Disinhibition, Creativity, and Psychopathology
12. Robert R. McCrae & David M. Greenberg - Openness to Experience
13. Peter Suedfeld - Political and Military Geniuses: Psychological Profiles and Responses to Stress
Part IV: Origins
14. Wendy Johnson & Thomas J. Bouchard, Jr. - Genetics of Intellectual and Personality Traits Associated with Creative Genius: Could Geniuses be Cosmobian Dragon Kings?
15. Ellen Winner - Child Prodigies and Adult Genius: A Weak Link
16. K. Anders Ericsson - Creative Genius: A View from the Expert-Performance Approach
17. Guillermo Campitelli, Fernan Gobet, & Merim Bilalic - Cognitive Processes and Development of Chess Genius: An Integrative Approach
18. Rodica Ioana Damian & Dean Keith Simonton - Diversifying Experiences in the Development of Genius and their Impact on Creative Cognition
Part V: Trajectories
19. Harrison J. Kell & David Lubinski - The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth at Maturity: Insights into Elements of Genius
20. Benjamin F. Jones, E.J. Reedy, & Bruce A. Weinberg - Age and Scientific Genius
21. Aaron Kozbelt - Musical Creativity over the Lifespan
22. Alexander S. McKay & James C. Kaufman - Literary Geniuses: Their Life, Work, and Death
23. Katherine A. Duggan & Howard S. Friedman - Lifetime Biopsychosocial Trajectories of the Terman Gifted Children: Health, Well-being and Longevity
Part VI: Contexts
24. Victor Ginsburgh & Sheila Weyers - Evaluating Excellence in the Arts
25. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - The Systems Model of Creativity and its Applications
26. Frank J. Sulloway - Openness to Scientific Innovation
27. Christiane Hellmanzik - Prominent Modern Artists: Determinants of Creativity
28. Charles Murray - Genius in World Civilization
Part VII: Prospects
29. Dean Keith Simonton - Does Genius Science Have a Future History?

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