The Social Science of Cinema

James C. Kaufman and Dean Keith Simonton (Eds.)

New York: Oxford University Press (in press)


Front Matter

The social science of cinema: Fade In
James C. Kaufman and Dean Keith Simonton

Section One: The Creation

1. Writing for success: Screenplays and cinematic impact
Dean Keith Simonton

2. Sell by date? Examining the shelf life and effects of female actors in popular films
Stacy L. Smith, Amy Granados, Marc Choueiti and Katherine M. Pieper

3. Resolving the paradox of film music through a cognitive narrative approach to film comprehension
Annabel Cohen

Section Two: The Audience

4. What type of movie person are you? Understanding individual differences in film preferences and uses: A psychographic approach
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Andrea Kallias, and Anne Hsu

5.  Film through the human visual system: Finding patterns and limits
Jordan E. DeLong, Kaitlin L. Brunick, and James E. Cutting

6. Self and the cinematic experience in the age of electronic transmission
Gerald C. Cupchik and Michelle C. Hilscher

Section Three: The Production

7. The producer-director dyad: Managing the faultline between art and commerce
Joris J. Ebbers, Nachoem M. Wijnberg, and Pawan V. Bhansing

8. Networks and rewards among Hollywood artists: Evidence for a social structural ordering of creativity
Gino Cattani and Simone Ferriani

9. Strategic assets and performance across institutional environments
Allègre L. Hadida

Section Four: The Reception

10. Analyzing the Academy Awards: Factors associated with winning and when surprises occur
Iain Pardoe and Dean Keith Simonton

11. Responses to and judgments of acting on film
Thalia R. Goldstein

12. As good as it gets? Blockbusters and the inequality of box office results since 1950
Victor Fernandez-Blanco, Victor Ginsburgh, Juan Prieto-Rodriguez, and Sheila Weyers

End Section

13. The social science of cinema: Fade out
Joshua Butler and James C. Kaufman

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