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Below is the complete schedule of all 28 regular lectures.  On separate webpages can be found complete topic outlines as well as representive references.  The latter can serve as a take-off point for the research on your term paper, should you wish to pursue a topic treated in that lecture.  The links for each lecture are targetted to the appropriate section of the corresponding page.


A. Defining the Phenomenon  
1. Genius I: Definitions & manifestations (outline / references)

2. Genius II: Measurement (outline / references)

B. Studying the Phenomenon  
3. Laboratory experiments: Problem solving (outline / references)

4. Artificial intelligence: Computer simulation (outline / references)

5. Content analysis: Subjective & objective (outline / references)

6. Psychometric methods: IQ tests (outline / references)

7. Longitudinal studies: Terman's gifted children (outline / references)

8. Historiometric inquiries: Cox's 301 geniuses (outline / references)

9. Mathematical models: IQ & influence (outline / references)

II. ATTRIBUTES OF GENIUS A. The Person   10. Creativity tests: CQ (outline / references)

11. Personality: Interview & assessment (outline / references)

12. Cognition: Integrative complexity (outline / references)

13. Motivation: Achievement, power, affiliation (outline / references)

14. Madness vs. mental health (outline / references)

B. The Product  
15. Age & achievement: Longitudinal changes (outline / references)

16. Lifetime output: Individual differences (outline / references)

17. Experimental aesthetics (outline / references)

18. Computer analysis of masterworks (outline / references)

III. ORIGINS OF GENIUS A. Individual Growth   19. Development I: Child prodigies & the gifted (outline / references)

20. Development II: Family environment (outline / references)

21. Development III: Education (outline / references)

22. Development IV: Social context (outline / references)

B. Situational Influences  
23. Genius vs. Zeitgeist I: Art (outline / references)

24. Genius vs. Zeitgeist II: Literature (outline / references)

25. Genius vs. Zeitgeist III: Philosophy (outline / references)

26. Genius vs. Zeitgeist IV: Science (outline / references)

27. Genius vs. Zeitgeist V: Politics (outline / references)

IV. OVERVIEW ON GENIUS 28. Creativity & leadership: Final inquiries (outline / references)
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