Psychology 175:
Albert Einstein LecturingLudwig van Beethoven ComposingNapoleon Commanding in Battle

GENIUS, Creativity, and Leadership

A General Education Course in the Social Sciences with Writing Experience

Room: Young 184 / Times: MWF 2:10-3:00 pm

InstructorDean Keith Simonton, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Office Hours: MWF 3:10-4:00 pm (or by appointment), 102D Young Hall

Phone: 752-1677 E-mail:


My task is to help you fully appreciate the nature of genius, achievement, talent, and giftedness. Special emphasis is placed on exceptional creativity and leadership. Political, military, economic, scientific, philosophical, literary, musical, and artistic genius will be examined from a diversity of theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary perspectives. 


Psychology 1 and 41, or equivalents. It is also useful if you have a strong interest in some subject outside psychology that has a bearing on the main subject of the course, such as a fascination with politics, history, business, sports, science, philosophy, literature, music, or art. 

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