Name: _______________________________ Grade: ____________
        N.B.: Subtract 3 points if graded 3rd assignment not included (attached to the back of the references)

      APA Format (20 points):

        How well did you follow APA style?  Are your citations and references in the correct format?  Are the quotations, seriations, and headings in the right style?

      Writing Style (20 points):

        How well written is your paper?  Are the sentences grammatical well crafted, and generally free of spelling errors?  How well organized is it?  Is every point in its proper place, or do you jump around without apparent coherence?

      Content (60 points):

        1) Introduction (10 points):
          How well do you show that your topic relevant to the subject matter of the class?  Why is it generally important?  Does it have theoretical or practical importance?
        2) Presentation (40 points):
          How well do you review the main theories, methodologies, and substantive results in the area? Do you adopt a critical and balanced perspective on the research literature?
        3) Conclusion (10 points):
          How well did you suggest the best ways to improve our scientific knowledge in this area? What important empirical questions need to be answered?  What new theoretical or methodological approaches would you recommend?

      Total (100 points @ 30%):

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