The following are the handouts distributed during class. They are organized according to the lecture outlines.

Part I

    I: Lecture Outlines
    I-A: Syllabus
    I-A: Summation Algebra
    III-A-1: Bivariate Computation
    III-A-2: First Homework Assignment
    III-A-3: Bivariate Scatterplot
    III-A-3: Absolute Value Criterion
    III-C: Basic Terms Notation
    III-D-2: Nonlinear Relation
    III-D-2: U-curve Scatterplot
    III-E: Effect Size
    IV-A-2: Venn Diagram (1)
    IV-A-2: Venn Diagram (2)
    IV-B-1: Suppression: Cooperative
    IV-B-1: Redundancy versus Suppression
    IV-E-1: Point and Click versus Command Driven Regression Analysis
    IV-E-2: SYSTAT Output for Movies Data
    IV-E-2: Second Homework Assignment
    V: Multiple Regression Formulas
    V: Sample Exam

Part II

    I-B: Term Paper
    I-B: Example of Published Regression Results
    I-C: Lecture Outlines
    II-A: Nominal Dependent Variables
    II-B-1-a: Dummy, Effect, and Orthogonal Coding
    II-B-3-a: African Americans Table2
    II-B-3-a: Coding African American Fields of Achievement
    II-B-2-b: Third Homework Assignment
    III-A-1-a: Domains, Versatility, and Life Expectancy
    III-A-1-b: Age and Literary Creativity
    III-A-1-c: Presidential Inflexibility and Veto Behavior
    III-B-1-a: Curvilinear Scatterplots
    III-B-1-a: Great Psychologists
    III-B-1-a: Melodic Originality
    III-B-2-a: Quadratic Multicollinearity
    III-C-1: Cox Data on Creators and Leaders
    III-C-1: Education and Eminence
    III-C-1: Artists' Eminence and Social Relationships
    III-C-1: Fourth Homework Assignment
    IV-A: First Ladies
    IV-A: Presidential Pettiness
    IV-A: Shakespeare's Peak Age
    IV-A: US Presidents
    IV-B: Residual Plots
    IV-B: Probability Plot
    IV-B: Japanese Women Writers
    IV-C: Missing Values
    V: Sample Exam

Part III

    I: Lecture Outlines
    I-A-1: Health Psychology Example
    II-A-1: Assumptions
    II-B-2-a-ii: Path Diagram Conventions
    II-C-2: Tracing Rule
    II-D: Model Testing
    II-D-1: Cox 301
    II-D-1: Job Performance
    II-D-1: Fifth Homework Assignment
    II-D-2: Composers
    II-E-1: Interpretation: Composers
    II-E-2-b-iii: Scarr 1
    II-E-2-b-iii: Scarr 2
    II-F-1: Rodgers Psychologists
    II-F-1: Experimental Manipulation

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