The term paper should be in APA format, but otherwise the content and organization is fairly flexible. It should include:

  1. Title Page - title, name, and affiliation
  2. Abstract - no more than 120 words
  3. Introduction - no heading necessary, but do include title at top of page
  4. Methods - sample, measures, procedures (subsections probably advisable)
  5. Results - multiple regression analysis (at least 3 predictors; some in-text statistics for one or more variables, but not to repeat what is presented in table)
  6. Discussion - reservations, implications, future research (may be combined with Results to produce a "Results and Discussion" section)
  7. References - doesn’t have to be long
  8. Tables - at least one presenting complete regression equation
  9. Figures - optional, but good for presenting interaction effects, curvilinear functions, and path diagrams, if needed
  10. Printout - the raw output in the statistical software of your choice
Please note that the paper should be double-spaced throughout, including references and tables. Go here for detailed grading criteria.

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