Psychology 155 Environmental Awareness
Course goals

The two objectives of the course involve content and awareness. The first objective relates to the subject matter of the field, specifically the major theories and concepts, methods, and research findings of environmental psychology which are covered in lectures and the textbook. The second objective is to change the way that you look at the world. This is accomplished through examples that link the subject matter to students’ life experiences, and through AV demonstrations that show real-world examples of the concepts discussed in class. As an example, I use the classroom milieu, the drab walls, lack of decorations and greenery, narrow aisles, fixed seats facing the same direction, and litter on the floor, to illustrate how layout and decor can affect classroom participation and attitudes. Students’ images of nearby communities are used to teach about cognitive maps of the environment. The course is intended to interest liberal arts majors who want to know more about environmental influences and for majors in landscape and design who want to learn about the behavioral outcomes of design.

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Revised 3/19/02