OPTIONAL Project, PSC 155 Spring 02

You can do a term project whose grade will replace the lowest grade you receive on the three exams. The project report is due at the start of class Monday May 20. This is a firm deadline and you will lose 3 credits if the paper is late on the due day and an additional 3 points for every late day after that. No excuses will be accepted as you can hand in your paper early or have a friend deliver it. Doing this report is completely optional. This is NOT an extra credit assignment (no extra points are given), but a way to eliminate one exam grade. This assignment is also intended to increase your awareness of a particular neighborhood or area and to improve your skills in documentation.


DUE DATE: Start of class Monday May 20.

ASSIGNMENT: Prepare a guidebook for a neighborhood or area in Yolo County. This guidebook is intended to show seniors the attractions and points of interest of the place. You should not use the campus, and the scale is of a neighborhood and not a single building or apartment complex. Some pages from guidebooks prepared in previous classes (which had different assignments, such as preparing a campus guidebook, or a tour guide for children or adolescents) are on the course Web page.

Some possible locations:Olive Drive, Yolo Bypass, Putah Creek, Stebbins Reserve near Winters, Cache Creek, Research Park in South Davis, Mace Ranch, El Macero, Old East Davis, West Capitol Avenue, Bryte, Lake Berryessa, Stonegate, Capay, Clarksburg, North Davis Park, downtown Winters, Woodland, or Davis, etc.

This is a guidebook to the interesting geographic, architectural, and other features, a guidebook for a walking tour, what can be seen walking around the area, features that would be likely to interest seniors. The guidebook should contain text (verbal description) as well as pictures. A commercial guidebook would be unlikely to contain only photographs or drawings without a text. Check the travel book section in a bookstore to see style issues in other guidebooks. I will look to see how informative and accurate your book is, your use of graphics, charts or photographs as needed. Freehand drawing is strongly encouraged (and you won’t be graded on the quality of the drawing). Use your imagination and I look forward to reading your report.

Here are some examples from previous reports (each will come up as a separate window)

Main Street Clarksburg Guinda Putah Creek
Beamer District Oxford Circle College Park Misc. covers

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