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    Carefully read the information below for admissions and application FAQ's.
    Admissions Checklist:

    •     Application -submitted online, payment must also be received online only
    •     Letters of Recommendation -online only, paper applications not accepted
    •     Statement of Purpose and Personal History -online only
    •     TOEFL/GRE scores -reported electronically from ETS
    •     Transcripts -sent to the address below
    •     All other materials are not accepted at this time

    General Questions

    • How many applications do you receive?
      • During the 2013-2014 application cycle we received approximately 325 applications.
    • What is a typical cohort size?
      • Approximately 14-18.
    • Do you offer classes in the evening?
      • Class times are normally held Monday – Friday 8am-5pm on the UC Davis campus. The program is structured for full-time students and does not accommodate external employment schedules.
    • How long does it take to get the Ph.D?
      • Approximately 5 years. Three years of coursework and 2 years to complete your dissertation.
    • How many graduate students are there in the department?
      • Approximately 100.


    • When are applications due?
      • Applications for all students are DUE DECEMBER 1, this means that all materials (letters of recommendation, transcripts, GRE/TOEFL scores) must be received by December 15.  Application material received after this deadline will not be reviewed and your application will be considered incomplete.  We do not admit incomplete applications.
    • How can I check my status online?
    • How much does it cost to apply?
      • $80 for domestic applicants, $100 for international applicants, see the application for payment details.
    • Will you consider applicants for Winter or Spring Quarters?
      • Applications are considered for Fall Quarter only.
    • When are admissions decisions made?
      • Final admissions decisions will be made by May 1, 2015.


    • Do I need to submit multiple transcripts?
      • No, submit only one transcript for each university or college you have attended.  That transcript will be made available to faculty in each graduate program to which you have applied, as well as for the review of your fellowship application.
    • Where do I submit transcripts?
      • Please send your transcripts directly to the address below.

                      Graduate Program Coordinator
                       143 Young Hall
                       1 Shields Avenue
                       Davis, California  95616

    • What if my transcripts are missing my final grades?
      • Many students apply before completing a bachelors or masters degree, thus many transcripts are incomplete.  Please submit the transcript as is, and if you are admitted you will be required to submit a final degree transcript.

    Letters of Recommendation

    • How do I submit letters of recommendation?
      •  Letters of Recommendation must be submitted electronically by your recommender, through the online application.   
    • Can I submit hard copies of letters of recommendation?
      • Hard copy letters of recommendation are NOT accepted by the Department of Psychology, you must submit all recommendations online.  Letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically by the recommender.  
    • Will the recommender be notified about the letter of recommendation?
      • Yes, the online application will automatically notify the recommender and provide instructions on how to submit their letter.


    • What are the GPA requirements?
      • UC Davis requires that all applicants have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0.
      • Competitive undergraduate GPA’s are around 3.5 on a 4.0 grading scale.


    • What are the minimum Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores required for the Psychology program?
      •  The department does not have a minimum score cutoff, but competitive scores are in the 80th percentile for verbal, quantitative and analytical (writing).  
      • Applicants who wish to be considered for fellowships should plan to take the GRE no later than November 15th. 
    • How do I submit GRE scores?
      • Please submit your GRE scores electronically directly to UC Davis.  
    • What is the institution code and department code for the GRE?
      • Institution code 4834 
      • Department code 2016
    • How long are my GRE scores acceptable?
      • GRE scores are good for 5 years from the date of examination.
    • Do you require the subject test for the GRE?
      • No, only the general test is required.


    • What are the minimum TOEFL scores required?
      • At least 550 (written exam), or 213 on the computer based test (CBT).  OFFICIAL scores must be sent directly from ETS.
    • Do I need to submit TOEFL scores?
      • Yes, if you graduated from an institution in which the language of instruction was not English, you are required to submit a TOEFL score.
      • No, if you received a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree from an accredited school where the language of instruction was English, then you do not need a TOEFL score.
    • How do I submit TOEFL scores?
      • Submit all TOEFL scores electronically through ETS
    • What is the institution code and department code for the TOEFL?
      • Institution code 4834 
    • How long are my TOEFL scores acceptable?
      • TOEFL scores are good for 2 years from the date of examination.