Author: Natsoulas, Thomas
Affiliation: U California, Dept of Psychology, Davis, USA
Title: A rediscovery of Sigmund Freud.
Source: Consciousness & Cognition: An International Journal, 1995 Sep, 1995. 4 (3): p.300-322
Language: English
Publication Type: Comment
Subjects: Thesaurus terms: Consciousness States Freudian Psychoanalytic School Professional Criticism
Added Keywords: J. R. Searle's interpretation of Freudian theory of unconscious mental occurrences, commentary
Classification Code: Psychoanalytic Theory (3143)
Population Terms: Human
Abstract: Comments on J. R. Searle's (1992) interpretation of Freud's account of consciousness and the relation of consciousness to nonconscious mental occurrences. It is argued that Searle seems to have misunderstood Freud, converting him into a "mental eye" theorist of consciousness, when he is actually an "intrinsic" theorist. Seale interprets Freud as saying that all mental occurrences are nonconscious intrinsically, and that bringing them to consciousness is simply like perceiving an object. According to Searle, any behavioral fact can be equally well explained in terms of the neurophysiological cause of a conscious brain state or process, as by a nonconscious one. Freud acknowledges that one sometimes "misconstrues" an emotion while one is experiencing it, and that such substitution of emotion may arise from the repression of ideational content. ((c) 1999 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved)