Author: Natsoulas, Thomas
Affiliation: U California, Psychology Dept, Davis, USA
Title: The stream of consciousness: VI. Relevancies from Imagination, Cognition and Personality.
Source: Imagination, Cognition & Personality, 1994-1995. 14 (1): p.59-77
Language: English
Subjects: Thesaurus terms: Consciousness States Knowledge Level
Added Keywords: knowledge concerning nature & character of referents of stream of consciousness
Classification Code: Consciousness States (2380)
Population Terms: Human
Abstract: Examines what is known and knowledgeably held about the nature and character of the referents of W. James's (1910 [1987]) concept of the stream of consciousness (SEC) as part of a series of articles by T. Natsoulas (see PA, Vols 81:12842, 82:463, and 82:17). C. M. Aranosian's (see record 1982-31246-001) account of those temporal sections of the SEC during composing and improvising that consist of auditory musical imagery is described. E. R. Steinberg's (see record 1984-14149-001) argument against the SEC technique of writing literature as providing a poor simulation of an SEC when compared with what might be accomplished by programming a present-day computer is discussed. Furthermore, findings by L. T. Davis and P. L. Johnson (see record 1984-28685-001) that no mental activity was reported 10% of the time by the Subjects in an experiment using random thought-sampling are presented. ((c) 1999 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved)