Author: Natsoulas, Thomas
Affiliation: U California, Davis, USA
Title: Freud and consciousness: VI. A present-day perspective.
Source: Psychoanalysis & Contemporary Thought, 1992. 15 (3): p.305-348
Language: English
Subjects: Thesaurus terms: Conscious (Personality Factor) Freud (Sigmund) Intention Psychoanalytic Theory
Added Keywords: Freud's vs J. R. Searle's characterizations of consciousness & intrinsic intentionality in psychical apparatus
Classification Code: Psychoanalytic Theory (3143)
Population Terms: Human
Abstract: Compares Freud's and J. R. Searle's characterizations of the psychical apparatus. Just as the latter held that only conscious psychical processes possess the property of intrinsic intentionality, the former held that only psychical processes whose instances all occur in the perception-consciousness system possess the property of intrinsic consciousness. However, Searle would disagree that some of the nonconscious determinants of consciousness are psychical. There are external determinants of consciousness, according to Searle, but they are all either physiological or mediated physiologically. Searle denied that nonconscious psychical processes, whether those introduced by contemporary cognitive scientists or those theoretically introduced by Freud, possess "intrinsic intentionality," which was, it is observed, Freud's central hypothesis. ((c) 1999 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved)