Author: Natsoulas, Thomas
Affiliation: U California, Davis, USA
Title: From visual sensations to the seen-now and the seen-from-here.
Source: Psychological Research, 1989 Nov, 1989. 51 (3): p.87-92
Language: English
Subjects: Thesaurus terms: Awareness Theoretical Interpretation Visual Perception
Added Keywords: J. J. Gibson's ecological account of visual perception & implications for inner & outer awareness of experiential effects
Classification Code: Visual Perception (2323)
Population Terms: Human
Abstract: If, as J. J. Gibson (1979) last proposed, persons become aware (in the introspective attitude during visual perceiving) of the seen-now and the seen-from-here as such, there must occur not only outer awareness of these surfaces, but also a kind of inner awareness of certain of their experiential effects on us. From Gibson's perspective, this conclusion would seem to mean that his ecological account must return, in this context, to visual sensations; or preferably it must include visual-perspectival appearances proceeding normally unnoticed in the stream of consciousness during visual perception of the environment. ((c) 1999 APA/PsycINFO, all rights reserved)