Photos: Dr. Shaver's twins, Danielle and Lauren






At age 2






At age 5

At age 8.












With his wife Gail Goodman and the twins.


Dr. Shaver conducts research in two principal areas: close relationships and emotions. In the close relationships area he has studied the application of Bowlby's attachment theory to research on loneliness and adult romantic love. Currently, he is extending this work to the study of attachment-style differences in defenses or coping strategies, and in marital communication. In the field of emotions, he has proposed a prototype methodology for mapping individuals' and cultures' cognitive representations of the emotion domain and, with the help of coworkers in other countries, is investigating everyday conceptions of emotions such as love and shame in various cultures. He is also working with Gail S. Goodman on a large study of allegations of ritualistic child abuse. Dr. Shaver is past editor of the Review of Personality and Social Psychology and a current member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Bulletin, and Personal Relationships. He published a co-edited volume, Handbook of Attachment:Theory, Research, and Clinical Applications, published by Guilford Press in April 1999.

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    Photo: Dr. Shaver's twins, Danielle and Lauren.