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  • Affective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Responses to Social Threats

    2012 / 2013 for Quarters: F, SP, W,
    Instructor Name Dean Simonton
    Credit Type Social Science
    Short TitleAffective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Responses to Social Threats
    Complete Description of 199Research assistants are needed to help with a wide range of responsibilities. These responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: running participants in experiments, acting as a confederate, keeping detailed experimental records, coding participant responses and helping with study design.
    List Prerequisites
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    3.0 GPA or above is preferred. Commitment to at least 2 successive quarters of work in the lab is necessary. The minimum time commitment is 2-3 units per quarter (which equates to 6-9 hours/week).
    Additional Comments
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    Please email me for more information and/or an application.
    Contact personFionnuala Butler
    Phone(530) 564-0055

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