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    2012 / 2013 for Quarters: F, SI, SII, SP, W,
    Instructor Name Lisa Oakes
    Credit Type Social Science
    Short TitleInfant Cognition Lab
    Complete Description of 199Students in the infant cognition lab are engaged in all aspects of research with human infants. We test infants between the ages of 4 to 13 months. We are interested in their memory, categorization, and language abilities. Students interview parents, test infants, babysit siblings, code infant behavior from recordings, enter data, and so on. Students learn valuable skills such as manipulating data in Excel, analyzing data, using both windows and apple computers in research. This is a large lab, with graduate students, post-docs, staff, and undergraduates. Students will have direct contact with Professor Oakes, including a weekly 1-hour lab seminar which is required.
    List Prerequisites
    (if any)
    Students must have taken Psc 140 (or the equivalent) or Psc 100 (or the equivalent).
    Additional Comments
    (if any)
    Students must have good social skills, be interested in working with families and young children, and have good attention to detail. Students will engage in a wide variety of tasks in a team context.
    Contact personShipra shipra Kanjlia

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