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  • Visual Processing and Later Cognitive Effects in Infants with FXS

    2013 / 2014 for Quarters: F, W,
    Instructor Name Susan Rivera
    Credit Type Social Science
    Short TitleVisual Processing and Later Cognitive Effects in Infants with FXS
    Complete Description of 199The Center for Mind and Brain: Neurocognitive Development Lab is looking for a student research assistant who will assist in a project that uses eye tracking technology to assess visual processing in infants and toddlers with Fragile X Syndrome. Research assistant will mainly focus on eye-tracking data coding and analysis. However, highly motivated and interested RA will have the additional opportunity to learn and work with families and administering standardized assessments. Work may also include reading scientific materials relevant to the project on which the student is working.
    List Prerequisites
    (if any)
    Availability summer 2013 and commitment of a year.
    Additional Comments
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    The main requirements for the undergraduate research assistant position are professionalism, reliability, and motivation. It is especially suited to students who have decided or are in the process of deciding to go to graduate school. RAs are also required to work at least six hours per week (at least 2 units) and can commit for at least 3 quarters. Research will be conducted in the Neurocognitive Development Lab at the Center for Mind and Brain (202 Cousteau Place, Davis).
    Contact personPamela Gallego

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