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    2013 / 2014 for Quarters: F, SP, W,
    Instructor Name Gail Goodman
    Credit Type Social Science
    Short TitleDevelopmental Research Center and the Center for Public Policy Research
    Complete Description of 199Complete Description of 199: Dr. Goodman's research focuses on memory development and children's abilities and experiences as victims/witnesses. We are currently recruiting for several different projects that examine the intersection between psychology and the law. Those who are interested in working on multiple projects on topics such as eyewitness memory, child abuse, forensic psychology, memory for traumatic events, juror decision making, and the like are encouraged to apply. In addition, one of Dr. Goodman's studies examines learning experiences in Spanish-speaking populations in California. For this project, we are looking for bilingual English/Spanish research assistants to help with participant running and recruitment, data entry and coding, clerical assistance, and potentially watching the children of some participants while they are participating. We can also use RAs who are only English-speaking to assist with data work.
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    GPA of 3.0 and above preferred, applicants who can work some weekend hours wanted. Two quarter commitment required. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred for the Spanish-Language project,
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    Please e-mail Jia Chong a completed application at tjychong@ucdavis.edu or bring it to Social Sciences and Humanities 1301. You can find the application at the following link: http://psychology.ucdavis.edu/Labs/Goodman/PWT/index.cfm?Section=8
    Contact personJia Chong

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