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    2013 / 2014 for Quarters: F, W,
    Instructor Name Tamara Swaab
    Credit Type Natural Science
    Short TitleCognitive Neuroscience of Language Lab
    Complete Description of 199Would you like hands-on experience with cognitive neuroscience research techniques? Do you want to learn more about language processing in the brain? We are recruiting responsible and highly motivated students for research assistant positions in our lab. Your responsibilities would include interacting with research participants, collecting behavioral and electrophysiological data, and developing materials for future studies. Creative and dependable students with an interest in psychology research are encouraged to apply.
    List Prerequisites
    (if any)
    GPA of 3.0 or above.
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    For questions, or to obtain an application, please contact Trevor Brothers at the email address listed below.
    Contact personTrevor Brothers

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