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  • Emotion and Attention in Normal Adults and Anxious Individuals

    2013 / 2014 for Quarters: F, SP, W,
    Instructor Name Steve Luck
    Credit Type Natural Science
    Short TitleEmotion and Attention in Normal Adults and Anxious Individuals
    Complete Description of 199Our laboratory is currently conducting studies to assess the allocation of attention to emotional images and how deficits in attentional allocation to emotion may underlie anxiety disorders. Most experiments involve traditional cognitive psychology techniques, measuring reaction time and accuracy in various tasks. Some experiments also involve recording brain waves. Additionally, we are conducting studies with transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to determine whether brain stimulation may improve cognitive processing. Students in our lab typically begin by running experiments, which includes scheduling subjects, explaining the task, operating the computers, and monitoring the data. As they gain experience, students may become involved in designing experiments, analyzing data, and running brain-wave and tDCS experiments. The undergraduate students in the lab have a weekly meeting with the professor and the lab manager in which we discuss journal articles, ongoing experiments, and a variety of other issues related to cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience.
    List Prerequisites
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    Applicants must be responsible, dedicated, and motivated. Computer skills are highly desirable. Previous or concurrent coursework in cognitive psychology or cognitive neuroscience is desirable.
    Additional Comments
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    This is a great opportunity for highly motivated and responsible students who are interested in applying to graduate school, medical school, optometry school, etc. Motivated freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are encouraged to apply. We require a registration of at least 3 units (9 hours/week). Our lab has locations at both Young Hall and the Center for Mind & Brain.
    Contact personJaclyn Farrens

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