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    2013 / 2014 for Quarters: F,
    Instructor Name Wesley Moons
    Credit Type Natural Science
    Short TitleSNAP Lab
    Complete Description of 199We're seeking responsible, punctual, and motivated students to help conduct research on human emotions. Research assistants may be involved with the testing of subjects, data management, and data analysis. Research assistants may use software for computer-mediated experiments, psychophysiological equipment to assess cardiovascular response, and may obtain biological fluid samples for hormonal, immune function, and genetic testing.
    List Prerequisites
    (if any)
    3.0 GPA or above is required. Completion of PSC 41 (Research Methods) and PSC 151(Social Psychology) is preferred. Because training of research assistants in our lab is time-intensive, we request that all applicants be available to work in our lab for at least 2 quarters.
    Additional Comments
    (if any)
    Students are asked to make a 3 or 4 unit commitment (9-12 hours per week). There is an application and interview process for the limited number of RA positions we have available. Please contact Amanda Mundelius or Carl Tewell at snaplab@ucdavis.edu for an application and more information.
    Contact personAmanda Mundelius

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