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    2013 / 2014 for Quarters: SI, SII, SP, W,
    Instructor Name Lisa Oakes
    Credit Type Social Science
    Short TitleInfant Cognition Lab
    Complete Description of 199Students are engaged in all aspects of research on infant memory, attention, and categorization. Students test infants in experimental procedures, consent parents, enter and analyze data, code infant behavior from recorded sessions, and many other tasks. Students work in a team environment with graduate students, other undergraduates, post-docs, and staff members.
    List Prerequisites
    (if any)
    3.0 overall GPA and completion of PSC 100 and PSC 140 (or equivalent).
    Additional Comments
    (if any)
    This is a great opportunity for students to work together, with a faculty member, graduate students, and other research personnel. Students get exposed to all aspect of research with infants.None
    Contact personLisa Oakes

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