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What Makes Psychology both an Excellent Graduate and Undergraduate Choice?

Flexible Undergraduate Degree Options

We offer both a BA and a BS Degree and a Minor

Our Graduate Program is Ranked #12

A ranking of 12 from Graduate Programs.com in 2013

 The student-based rankings for the nation’s top psychology programs are:

1.) Harvard University (9.53 stars)
2.) Northwestern University (9.13 stars)
3.) University of Georgia (8.96 stars)
4.) University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (8.88 stars)
5.) University of Virginia (8.75 stars)
6.) Duke University (8.65 stars)
7.) Yale University (8.64 stars)
8.) Stanford University (8.63 stars)
9.) Washington University in St. Louis (8.58 stars)
10.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (8.57 stars)
11.) Bowling Green State University (8.54 stars)
12.) University of California, Davis (8.458 stars)
13.) University of Minnesota Twin Cities (8.45 stars)
14.) University of Florida (8.43 stars)
15.) Auburn University (8.41 stars)
16.) George Washington University (8.36 stars)
17.) Virginia Commonwealth University (8.34 stars)
18.) University of New Mexico (8.31 stars)
19.) Pepperdine University (8.19 stars)
20.) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (8.17 stars)
21.) University of California, Berkeley (8.13 stars)
22.) University of Wisconsin-Madison (8.11 stars)
23.) Michigan State University (8.08 stars)
24.) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (8.07)
25.) Purdue University-West Lafayette (8.06)

- See more at: http://www.graduateprograms.com/best-psychology-schools/

NRC Doctoral Program Rankings

The National Research Council rankings put Psychology between 21 and 57

The National Research Council assessed programs according to 21 different criteria. Here are the NRC's five major ratings summarizing those criteria. For a detailed explanation, see their FAQ.

S-Rank: Programs are ranked highly if they are strong in the criteria that scholars say are most important.
Research: Derived from faculty publications, citation rates, grants, and awards.
Students: Derived from students' completion rates, financial aid, and other criteria.
Diversity: Reflects gender balance, ethnic diversity, and the proportion of international students.
R-Rank: Programs are ranked highly if they have similar features to programs viewed by faculty as top-notch.

UC Davis


21 57 21 63 84 174 126 188 24 67

See more at: http://chronicle.com/article/NRC-Rankings-Overview-/124708/#sthash.NGSJzASE.dpuf


#21 on US News & Word Report

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