Paul Eastwick, PhD

Initial Attraction and the Multiple Interpretations of Traits
Paul Eastwick, PhD

Dr. Paul Eastwick

Oct 26, 2015
from 12:10 PM to 01:30 PM

166 Young Hall

My research draws from social psychological theories and evolutionary perspectives to investigate how people initiate and maintain romantic relationships. In this talk, I will review two lines of work that address how people evaluate partners’ romantic desirability. First, I will review my program of research on mate preferences, highlighting some of the discrepancies that emerge when studies compare the traits that people saythey desire in a partner with the traits that actually inspire their romantic evaluations of real-life opposite-sex individuals. Second, I will review my program of research on mate value, which underscores how different contexts change people’s ability to achieve consensus about the desirable traits that opposite-sex potential partners possess. I will conclude by discussing the implications of these processes for the formation and stability of romantic relationships.

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