Brain and Social Cognition Lab (BASC Lab)

Instructor: Lindsay Bowman

Credit Type: Natural Science


The Brain and Social Cognition lab is working to uncover how the 'social brain' develops! We conduct behavioral research in conjunction with the use of EEG, ERP, and fNIRS to examine the neural correlates of social cognition. We are currently recruiting research assistants to join our electrophysiological data analysis team to help with EEG and ERP data processing.

RA Duties include:

  • Developing EEG and ERP data analysis pipelines
  • Writing Matlab scripts for batch data processing
  • Producing detailed documentation of analyses protocols

Prerequisities (if any)

​Ideal candidates are students of sophomore or junior standing that have an excellent academic record, are professional, reliable, detail-oriented, and highly motivated.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Highly motivated to learn neural time series data analysis methods
  • Highly motivated to learn new skills in computer programming and Matlab
  • Able to commit 10 hours/week for 2 quarters minimum


Located off campus at the Center for Mind and Brain (202 Cousteau Place).

Contact Email

If you are interested in applying to this position, please send the following materials to the BASC Lab Coordinator, Courtney Jimenez, at :

  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Fall Quarter Schedule
  • Statement of Career Goals
  • Statement of Specific Interest in BASC Lab