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    Spring Quarter 2005

    Units: 5
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1, 41 and either Statistics 13 or 102.

    Course Description:  This course is designed to extend students knowledge in statistical concepts and procedures in psychological research. Course goals are to demonstrate how statistical procedures are used in empirical psychological studies, how to interpret research outcomes and evaluate scientific claims, and to help students understand the benefits and limitations of traditional methods. This course was designed to follow 103A, and therefore covers material not covered in 103A.

    Course Format: lecture

    Using examples from various areas of psychology we will cover
    Probability theory
    Chi-square tests for categorical data
    One-way analysis of variance
    Factorial analysis of variance
    Analysis of repeated-measures data
    Alternative nonparametric procedures

    Grading Policy:

    Three exams and an optional comprehensive final exam* will be given.


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    Classroom Class Schedule Course Website
    188 Young M W   10:00 AM - 11:50 PM
    Instructor Instructor Email Office Office Hours
    Shelley Blozis , Ph.D. 174F Young Hall MW 9am-10am & by appt