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  • PSYCHOLOGY 127    Section:


    Winter Quarter 2006

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1, 41, 101.

    Prerequisites:    Psychology 1, Psychology 41, Pscyhology 101, or consent of the instructor.


    Course Format:

                1.         Two, 2-hour lectures per week (slide lecture format).

                2.         Exams:  Three (each 33% of the final grade) comprising a choice of either                            multiple choice or essay exams.

                3.         Grading:  Based on a cumulative total score generated from numerically scored

                            exams.  Final grade for the three exams will not include pluses and minuses.

              4.        Holidays: Mon. Jan. 16; Mon. Feb. 20.


    Course Topics:


    Part I:              Historical aspects of Learning Research

                1.         Review of classical conditioning, instrumental learning, imprinting.

                2.         Cognitive maps, role of reinforcement in associative learning,

                            problem solving. 


                In-class review: Mon., Jan. 23;  Midterm exam 1: Wed., Jan. 25  


    Part II:             Constraints on Learning

                1.         Developmental issues -- evolutionary constraints on cognition.

                2.         Preparedness concepts -- sensory limitations, adaptive significance of

                            species-specific responses, communication, and predator recognition.


                In-class review: Wed., Feb. 15;   Midterm exam 2: Wed. Feb. 22   


    Part III: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

                1.         Aspects of brain evolution

                2.         Brain remodeling during development and experience.

                3.         Physiological correlates of learning.


              In-class review: Wed.,  March 15 (last day of course instruction) 

              Final exam (Part III only): Saturday., March 18, 8:00am-10:00am.  


    Textbook:  None required.  Daily lectures (Classical notes) and three readers are available at Classical Notes in the Memorial Union.  Request Lecture Notes (one packet) and Readers I,II,III (separate packets for each course section)


    Instructor:    Dr. Richard Coss                              Time: M W 4:10-6:00pm    

                            105 Young Hall                              Room: 194 Young  


                          Office hours: M on., Wed. 2:10-3:30pm

                            E-mail: rgcoss@ucdavis.edu


               TA:     Douglas Dinero


                            Office hours: To be announced

                            E-mail: dadinero@ucdavis.edu




    Textbook Information not Available Yet
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    194 Young M W   4:10 PM - 6:00 PM
    Instructor Instructor Email Office Office Hours
    Richard Coss , Ph.D. 105 Young Hall M W 10:00-11:30am