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  • PSYCHOLOGY 130    Section: 1


    Spring Quarter 2007

    Units: 4
    Prerequisites: Psychology 1, 41, 100 and either Statistics 13 or 102, or consent of instructor.

    Units: 4


    Prerequisites:  Intro to Cognition (Psych 100), Psych 1, and 41, and Stats 13 or 102


    Course Objectives: The goal of Psychology 130 is to provide a general overview of the recent research on human memory. The course will include lectures, lab demonstrations, and discussions.  The course should provide an idea of the current topics in memory research, the experimental techniques that are used in studies of memory, and current theories of memory.  The lab session will focus on related readings from the text and scientific journals.


    Course Format:

    1. Enrollment is limited to 70.


    2. Lectures (3 hours per week) and Discussion/Labs (1 hour per week).


    3. Tests will be a mixture of multiple-choice and short-answer essay questions.  The first test is scheduled for Feb 7th  (40%) and the second is scheduled for Mar 14 (40%).  Makeup tests will only be considered if students have a note from a doctor.  The makeup tests will cover the same material as the original tests, but will consist of one or more essay questions.


    4. There will be 5 lab assignments that will count for a total of 20%.  Each assignment will be worth 4 points.  The assignments will consist of take-home questions about the assigned journal readings.



    Text Book:  Human Memory - Ian Neath & Aimée Surprenant (2nd ed.)


    Instructor: Andy Yonelinas, 268c Young Hall, 754-8289, apyonelinas@ucdavis.edu  Hours: T 3:00-5:00, or by appointment


    Teaching Assistant: Rob Blumenfeld, 174g Young Hall, roblume@ucdavis.edu  Hours: M&W, 11:00am-12:30pm. 


    Time: Class  T and R 1:40-3:00 158 Olson, Discussion/Lab  T or R 3:10-4:00 1020 Wilkson


    Tentative Order of Topics and Required Readings:


    Week 1: Sensory Memory - Ch 2


    Week 2: Short Term Memory - Ch 3 & Ch 4 (only pg 68-84)


    Week 3: Encoding (Ch 5)


    Week 4: Forgetting (Ch 6)


    Week 5: False Memories (Ch 12)


    Week 6: Midterm Exam


    Week 7: Recognition Memory (Ch 9)


    Week 8: Implicit/Explicit Memory (Ch 7)


    Week 9: Amnesia (Ch 8)


    Week 10: Dementia


    Textbook Information not Available Yet
    Classroom Class Schedule Course Website
    184 Young T R   3:10 PM - 4:30 PM smartsite.ucdavis.edu
    Instructor Instructor Email Office Office Hours
    Andrew Yonelinas , Ph.D. 268C Young Hall TR 2:00-3:00